Indian Analytics Market is Booming with Opportunities

The big data analytics industry in India is growing at an exciting pace. The current situation calls for IT professionals to upgrade themselves with data management and analytical skills. It is a great time therefore, to consider undergoing big data training. Even if you are a fresh candidate pondering over the choices of career in hand, know this, the opportunities in the analytics field are numerous and lucrative. However, there are some questions to which you need the answers and some myths which you need to unlearn in order to make a breakthrough in this industry.

Are you ready to board the big data bandwagon?

If you have a degree in statistics or mathematics, you already have a foundation as far as the number games are concerned. This leaves you with the lack of knowledge in computer science. You can learn them in the process.

If you are from a computer science background you may find analytics very favorable.

Can you have a career in big data analytics if you are not from the mentioned backgrounds?

Of course, you can. Needless to say it will take more efforts on your part. It is best to consult a mentor to discuss the needful. Big data and Hadoop training in Bangalore can see you through.

Why you should attend a Hadoop course?

The obvious answer to this is that a large number of corporate houses that have in-house analytics deployment are still using Hadoop and expanding there servers. They all need skilled personnel to work in the Hadoop ecosystem.

The demand stays perpetually high since people with Hadoop skills are hard to come by owing to the slightly difficult learning curve.

A better prospect of salary

Studies confirm that big data experts can earn up to 40% more than the regular IT employee. This margin is expanding as more companies are leaning towards big data integration. A Hadoop certification instantly improves your paycheck.

Is Hadoop losing its popularity?

It is a popular narrative now a days that Hadoop well past its glory days. It is true that Hadoop is not in the buzz anymore, there are new entries to take it place. But let this not fool you; your skills in dealing with Hadoop stack will take you places. Each different tool in the Hadoop software suit like Hive, Yarn, Pig, MapReduce, all have significant roles to play in the industry. HDFS or Hadoop distributed file system is still one of the post popular solutions for data storage. The takeaway from this is that you should not worry about the buzz. Apply for big data and Hadoop training in Bangalore to kick start your career in analytics.

Bangalore has been the breeding ground for Indian tech firms for years. The analytics services companies as well as companies integrating  analytics are booming in Bangalore. You can the tide of opportunities with adequate training and skills.

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