This year make your child’s birthday cake special

Is the birthday of your child nearby? I am sure your child must be pretty excited about it and counting the days till the magical day arrives. He is probably looking forward to the fun he will be having with all his friends, all the presents he will be receiving and of course the birthday cake. The birthday cake is the centrepiece of a birthday. The other kids and people other than the birthday boy or girl, also looks forward to having the birthday cake.

It is really important that you do not disappoint your child in this matter. An adult can be satisfied with a simple but tasty birthday cake, but for children visual appeal is very important. They have a rather creative and wild imagination and if they find a cake remotely close to their imagination they will surely get excited. So, this time do something special and get a unique and creative birthday cake for your child from the cake shops in Jaipur. Given below are a few designs for creative cakes that you can choose for the birthday cake of your child.

1.       Surprise cake- Who doesn’t like surprises? Even we adults love surprises, and kids are bound to get ecstatic when they receive one. A hidden element in your cake will surely make all the kids awestruck. Stuffing the inside of your cake with a bunch of toffees, candies and marshmallows will seal the deal. When you child cuts the cake and all the hidden elements fall out, your child is bound to have an overwhelming giggly moment.

2.       Ice-cream drip cake- ice creams are a favourite for everyone. From young to old, no one can say no to ice cream. Whether it is summer or winter, the sight of a dripping ice cream can make anyone’s mouth water. Cakes made in such a way that it looks like an inverted ice cream is melting away on top of it will make your child love his birthday cake.

3.       Rainbow cake- children are fond of colourful things. One of the favourite things for children is the rainbow, because of its beautiful arrangement of colours. You will find most of their drawings having rainbows. A rainbow layered cake will make your child’s dream come true on his birthday. The different colours of the different layers of the cake, just like that of a rainbow is bound to put a huge smile on your child’s face.

4.       Character cakes- this is another form of cake which your child will fall in love with. You obviously know the favourite superhero or cartoon character of your child. It can be Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Cinderella, Snow White, Barbie, etc. Featuring your child’s favourite character on their birthday cake will surely fascinate your child and make you the best parents in the world for him.
Piñata bashing cake-This is another type of surprise cake, but it has a twist to it. To make things more fun, this cake has been made by taking inspiration from a piñata. Bash the cake, and you will get the surprise.

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