Make online Shopping Exciting with your Credit Card

Make online Shopping Exciting with your Credit Card

Online shopping is here to stay, not only because of the convenience it offers, but also because of the exciting offers and discounts available online, particularly when you pay with your credit card. Then there are sales during the festive season, both offline and online, which give you better deals on purchases.

Festivals around the world and especially in India, are a time of buying new electronics, gold, vehicles, and so on. Purchasing these items during this time is also considered good luck. Moreover, people also exchange gifts with friends and family.
Whatever your reason to shop, you can take your pick online. E-commerce portals these days allow you to purchase everything from designer clothes and accessories to groceries with your credit card. Here are a few reasons why online shopping with your credit card is better:
With people leading busy lives juggling education, household chores, family, and full-time careers, going out to shop at the end of a tiring day may not be the most enjoyable activity to undertake. However, with online portals, you can have anything you want delivered to your doorstep. What’s more, you can make your purchase from anywhere - your home, your workplace, even while you’re commuting. All you need is a working internet connection and a credit card. Additionally, this saves you time and energy, that you can use for more productive things.
        Exciting offers
With several firms jostling for space in the online marketplace, the prices on offer are usually competitive, ultimately to the customer’s benefit. Simply use your credit card to avail these offers. Moreover, credit card companies often have tie-ups with these portals and offer even better deals. Moreover, applying for the credit card is easy because of pre-approved offers. All you have to do is share a few details and you can get your exclusive pre-approved offer.

        Interest-free period
The biggest advantage of using credit cards for online shopping is that you can pay for something immediately, even without enough money in your account. Moreover, you aren’t charged interest on the money you spend, for a certain time period called the credit period or credit cycle.

        EMI facility
Certain credit cards let you convert your credit card limit into a loan and repay through EMIs. For example, with the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard you can convert your credit limit into a personal loan, and get interest-free cash for up to 90 days which you can repay in 3 easy EMIs. Since you can also withdraw the money at will without interest, it facilitates high-value purchases with ease of repayment.
        Reward points and discounts
Reward points are one of the major benefits of shopping online with credit cards. When you rack up the points, it leads to lower prices and maybe even free merchandise. With the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard, for example, you can get reward points on every transaction you make, on top of the welcome gift reward points. Moreover, at every milestone you achieve, you can get movie ticket discounts, and many other such benefits.

Apply for a credit card and make shopping online an exciting affair. 

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