Tips for Excellent Party Planning

Tips for Excellent Party Planning

Party planning can be very stressful and overwhelming especially when you need to plan a party for a huge group of people instead of just a handful of 10-12 people. Here are some tips to help you plan and organise your parties in an excellent and organised manner -

Plan your ballpark budget

It is essential to plan your ballpark budget in advance when planning out any party. This will help you in allocating the money for every expense in the party from the decor, food, desserts, etc. Most of the times, you will end up slightly over budget but that is perfectly normal. Try to go a maximum of 20% above the ballpark budget because this way, you won’t really spend a lot of money and go broke for your party! You can easily cut down the costs of different items that are not needed for the party to save a few extra bucks here and there.

DIY decor

There are a lot of options for DIY decor that you can choose from which will help you cut down on you costs for the party. You can create a complete decor for the party using chart paper, stencils, glitter as well as helium balloons. A lot of e-gifting websites and party stores that do online gift delivery in Jaipur usually have these options. You can do this along with your friends and family and who knows, this could turn out to be an amazing bonding experience for all of you! Don’t forget to click a lot of photos during this!

Party food

The best type of food to keep at a party is finger food which is super easy to eat and non messy to serve and eat. Items like sausages, nuggets, samosas, spring rolls etc. are excellent options of party finger food for your guests. These can be easily made at home too which will save you a lot of costs. When ordering for catering services, bulk ordering for over 20 guests is affordable but if you are ordering from a smaller group of people, this can be super expensive. A lot of Jaipur sweets shops also stock up on excellent party food that you can choose from as well as choose from a wide variety of dessert options!

Party Favors

The best types of party favors to select from are gift hampers, gift vouchers for shopping, eatables such as cookies, sweets, savouries and other items from Jaipur sweets shop and customised stationery from any online gift delivery in Jaipur store. You can prepare tiny goodie bags or small gift boxes with all the items in it. When purchasing gift boxes for the party favors, try purchasing high end quality items that can be utilized in the future by your guests for storing their essentials. Don’t go for cheap looking goodie bags or boxes because these will give off a vibe that you are trying to be too stingy and you don’t want that!

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