Qatar is known for its high income economy. The country has highest per capita income in the world which leads to more jobs in Qatar, as it has direct impact on vacancies. The country has world’s 3rdlargest reserves of natural gas and oil, which is the mains source generating income. Not only this, natural gas and oil industry generates a large number of vacancies for job seekers. With the passage of time the country faced rapid growth in different sectors like construction of big structures for example Burj Khalifa, giant hotel like Gevora and many other tourist spots offering jobs to large number of people including architect, civil engineers, mechanical engineers and much more.
Sectors offering bright career
  • Travel and tourism sector
  • Oil and natural gas sector
  • Civil engineers
  • Architects
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Healthcare industry
  • Banking sector
  • Doctors
  • Teachers and many more.
Ways to find jobs in Qatar
There are number of ways via which you can find jobs in Qatar:
  • Word of mouth in most of the cases proves to be very helpful where a person working for a firm refers your name. This method has its limitations as well like every job seeker don’t have a reference so they might not get a job
  • Attending the walk-in driveis helpful to many job seekers, but not everyone gets a job in walk-in drive
  • Applying on the company’s website directly is also helpful for job seekers. This method also has a certain limitation like 10 out 50 candidates get selected or the number may vary.
So what to do next, finding an effective method becomes a necessity to get a job. For that last approach which actually helps candidates in getting jobs in real is job portals
  • Registering on job portalsis the ultimate which can help you getting jobs in Qatar for sure. Some of the leading job portals which helps candidates for real are:
  1. Monstergulf
  2. Indeed
  3. Bayt
  4. LinkedIn and many more.
For the citizens, getting a job in Qatar comes with many benefits but the advantages are not just limited to its citizens rather the Qatar government offers the same benefits to the expats as well.
Pros of living in Qatar
  • Healthcare facilities- nationals working in Qatar are meant to receive medical care, maternity coverage, child care facilities, state pension, and other kinds of welfare benefits. And expats have access to all kinds of medical facilities.Employers cover the healthcare costs for foreign nationals in Qatar and also provide them with medical insurance and in othercase you need to invest into private health insurance on your own.
  • Government organizations and international companies sometimes provide corporate pension schemes to employees in which they can contribute
  • Exploring Qatar via car or any other personal vehicle would turn out to be pocket friendly as the cost of petrol is very less as compared to other nations
  • Affordable and spaciousaccommodations
  • Friends can be made easily
  • Country has low crime rate
  • Salaries are high and many more.
Cons of living in Qatar
  • Theyare not eligible for social benefits
  • Limited choice of accommodation
  • Extreme weather
  • Cost of living is high.
So you can decide whether you want a lavish full of entertainment and excitement by going through the pros and cons.
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Neelam Gupta  is currently focusing her writing on the extensive domain of employment. She has written various articles and blog posts on resume writing, job search and hiring. She also likes to write about nature.

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