How Can Make Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment?

Citibank is a well-known bank in private sector for giving financial support. You can use your product from shopping to a medical emergency. The Citibank always try to fulfill customer’s desire as much as they can. That’s why provide you shopping, dining, traveling, and entertainment privileges. You can also get cash back, reward points, gift vouchers, and more.

The Citibank credit card bill payment is one of those services, which can use and save the time. They can provide you online and offline options. The choice is yours you can select any of the options and pay bills on time. We can explain you step by step, so that understand the importance and start using it.

Online Payment Method

For an online, you have to register yourself first. For that, visit the site. Fill the personal and professional details, upload KYC, share registered email ID and mobile number. After that, the bank can drop one email on your registered ID User ID and password to use online service.

Net-banking: For that facility, you can connect your net banking site to a savings account. You can login your site through own User ID and password. Then, you can make Citibank credit card bill payment from anywhere or anytime.

Mobile banking: Net banking and mobile banking is the same portal, just User ID and password differ from each other. You have to download App and install it. After that, you can pay bills without late fee charges.

Autopay: It’s for them who can 100% assure about own habits, and that forgets to pay bills on-time. You can set standing instruction and linked to the current account, so that cut amount as per your credit card bill amount and drop a confirmation mail.

Offline Payment Method

Cash: If you want to make a cash payment, then have to visit the nearest bank branch.
Cheque: You can fill mention details and drop into bank’s ATM.

What Is the Age eligibility And KYC Required For Citibank?

It’s a focus area for the bank if both are not as per bank’s norm, then your request cannot accept. You should be 18 years not less than that with a spotless credit history. For KYC identity proof, address proof, income proof, and recent passport size photograph need to share.

How Can You Apply For A Credit Card?

You can have two options an online and offline. For an online, visit the site and fill personal-professional details, upload KYC, registered email ID, mobile number.

       For an offline, visit the nearest bank branch and fill the application form with self-attested KYC and submit.
       For both procedures, KYC and information should be correct. Otherwise, they can reject your request.

How Can Check The Bank Statement?

Every month after the completed one-month billing cycle the bank can send your report on registered email ID. Through this, you get to know limit, spending habits, expenses, balance and more. It’s a tracker, which can present every swipe report of yours.

If you can have any issue related to data, offers, features, benefits and more, then immediately call on Citibank Customer Care toll-free number and take quick solution.

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