Architect Jobs - An Overview


An architect works in a construction sector. They are meant to design new buildings, restoration and conservation of old buildings. They develop new ways for using existing buildings and modifying them.They work for projects on the construction sites right from the beginning till the end. They possess drawing skills to design buildings that are functional and safeto use. Asconstruction industry is a flourishing industry in Riyadh so for an architect there are ample amount of jobs in Riyadh.

Career opportunities of an architect
There are huge vacancies in Riyadhif you possess the degree of an architect. They are as follows:
  • Construction manager
  • Residential surveyor
  • Lecturer in colleges
  • Structural engineer
  • Town planner
  • Planning and development surveyor
  • Landscape architect
  • Architectural technologist
  • Interior designer
  • Spatial designer
  • Conservation officer of archaeological sites
  • Production designer of movies, theatres.
  • Firstclass degree in architecturei.e. a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) program degree which takes 5 years to complete
  • Pursuing master’s adds an extra edge to your CV
  • 2 years of professional experienceas a trainee architector architect's assistant is required to work as a full time architect
  • LEED/PMP registered candidates are preferred over others.
There are some essential skillswhich are required to complete their task effectively and they are as follows      
  • Skills to manage project management
  • Mathematicalskills
  • Strongteamwork
  • Leadershipskills
  • Commercial awareness is required
  • Business acumen
  • Strongimagination power and the ability to think and create 3-dimensional figures
  • Soundanalytical skills, accuracy, and attentive to details
  • A keen interest in designing buildings
  • Good understanding of construction processes and many more.
After acquiring all these qualification and skills what a candidates need to do, they should search for jobs if you didn’t got placement on campus then registering for one of the leading job portal named Monstergulf helps you in finding jobs as per your requirement.
On an average an architect can earn SAR 10282 per month.
Why Riyadh?
  • Topmost reason is income tax free salary which is not there in other countries
  • Attractive salary package
  • If you are an expat car allowance and home allowances are covered by employers or accommodation is provided by the employers
  • Freetickets are given to the expats for round-trip airfare you get back to your home country
  • The country also offers bonus to the employees mostly at the end of the year
  • English is the widely spoken language which makes the expats to communicate with the residents of the city easily
  • Hospitality or we can say the people of Riyadh are always welcoming in nature, they are always ready to help people
Likewise many benefits are associated with doing jobs in Riyadh. If you are an expat and you are targeting gulf nations for work then you can think of considering the option of working in Riyadh.
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