Experience the Flavour of Matar Dishes

Experience the Flavour of Matar Dishes

There are plenty of dishes that you can make a part of your routine. While you always look at the popular ones, why not think about matars? Have you ever eaten a dish, snack or even a soup that had those amazing matars in them? Indeed, maybe the supportive character but matars do make a dish fell and look scrumptious.

Many folks even cook special dishes with the help of Matarpaneer recipe in Hindi or similar recipes. The point is when you have always talked about chicken, paranthas, cheese, daal or other staple dishes; why not have a look at some scrumptious dishes that possess mater?    Just find out how many of these matar dishes you have tried in your life.


Speaking of matarpaneer, this dish is a spiced and creamy curry that has peas and cottage cheese. You can make it as thick and rich as you desire. Many folks made this eatable with so many dry fruits and even add up curd.  There are even many places out there where this dish is completely dipped in chillies and spices. Whenever you eat this rich dish of matar, you actually feel better and feistier. Even if you have guests at home, you can serve this scrumptious delight to them too.

Matar masala

It is a creamy green pea’s masala gravy eatable. It does not have any onion or garlic.   Of course if you want you can add it though. You can find this eatable both with and without onions. It is a rich scrumptious dish that is often found with the dry fruits and spicy cream. You can make it as hot as you want.  Generally, it is a spicy eatable having so many Indian spices blended together.

Aloomatar curry

If you are a Punjabi, you actually know the breath and width of this dish. After all, this is one of the most popular dishes that are made in Punjabi kitchens. It is a simple and home kind of Punjabi dish of peas and potatoes. The beauty of this dish is that many people keep this dish really spicy while many keep it simple and balanced.

Mushroom matar

Are you a mushroom lover? If the answer is yes then you might have eaten matar mushroom in your life. It is an extensive and scrumptious south Indian mushroom & peas curry dish.  It is mostly prepared with an extensive base of coconut-cashew mingled with rest of Indian is always the preference of the cook to add as many hot spices or ingredients as he or she wants. But one thing is for sure, the mushroom matar has so much of space to add up ingredients and spices. The best part is that the mater adds up some kind of quirky tang in the dish that actually tops the pallet.

So, what do you think, have you ever relished different dishes or eatables having matars? Come on, whether you are a Punjabi, South Indian or belong to any other place; matar has its roots in most of the cuisines. Even if you are having that delicious idly in hand, you may find matar popping out there too!

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