All You Need To Know About Parent Visa And How Immigrant Agent Adelaide Will Help You Get It

Parents may be able to go to Australia if they have a child in Australia who is an Australian citizen by the help of parent visa. To apply for migration to Australia as a parent, you must be sponsored.

There are two categories of parent visas:

1.       Parent category
If you wish to migrate to Australia then you need to be sponsored. Generally, you shall be sponsored by your child, who is an Australian citizenship or Australian permanent resident.
2.       Contributory parent
The Contributory Parent visa is very expensive and is intended for parents who can contribute large amounts to stay permanently in Australia.

Here are some of the things that you need to know about the parent visa:

·         Visa holders would be able to stay in the country for up to 5 years before renewal. The visa will last for a maximum of 5 years. The discussion paper says that the visa would be available for periods of one, three or five years, depending on the wishes of the child to support their parent, the health and the age of the applicant and the length the applicant wants.
·         The temporary parent visa would not be connected to the permanent migration stream; instead it proves an alternative option. Parents can apply for a permanent visa if they want.
·         Some benefits like Medicare, government welfare, etc. are available to only citizens of Australia and not to permanent residents.
·         Visa holders will also have to have private health insurance. The insurance will need to be taken out with an Australian insurance provider. Parents would have to obtain private health insurance from an Australian company before migrating in the country. As in this case, most of the applicants are aged, there has to be certain solid health screening process for which the government is planning to do something.
·         Your child must sponsor you. The sponsor must demonstrate that they have been living in Australia for a number of years and are contributing to the country financially. Generally, the contribution of parents for a longer period demonstrates higher priority.
·         In addition to sponsorship, a bond would also be payable by the sponsor. A bond would be drawn upon if health care costs become an issue, and if a sponsor fails to support their parent. There are options for the payment of bond amounts; it could either be paid in installments or in one go.
·         English is very essential. People with a good grasp of English language are better able to involve themselves in the Australian community and are able to access day to day needs and emergency services.

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Requirements that you need before lodging an application for parent visa:

1.       The main thing is that an applicant must be the parent of the child. He or she is either natural, adopted or stepchild.
2.       Two or more children must reside in the outer country.
3.       It is also important that half of the applicant’s children must reside in the outer country.
4.       An applicant must able to pay for the contributory amounts.

What are the benefits?

1.       An applicant can also live as a permanent resident in the outer country.
2.       An applicant can also for the Australian citizenship.
3.       An applicant can get a right to work and study in an outer country.
4.       An applicant can travel to and from an outer country for 5 years when the visa gets granted.

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