5 Amazing Pasta Dishes to Order from a Restaurant

One of the most prominent elements of the Italian cuisine is pasta. It has been the staple food of Italians since centuries. There is a plethora of pasta recipes originating from every part of the country using various types of pastas. Their fame has seeped into every corner of the globe so you can easily pick a comforting plate of pasta from any Pasta Restaurant Delivery. Here are the most famous and yummiest types of pasta dishes you must order from a restaurant.

1.       Spaghetti

These are long, thin, cylindrical pasta made primarily out of flour and water. It can be prepared in various ways by using different sauces like a rich and flavorful tomato sauce or simply tossed with sautéed garlic and chilli flakes in olive oil to make Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, a traditional spaghetti dish from Naples. However, one the best dish made out of spaghetti which can be enjoyed my everyone is spaghetti with meatballs which is a fusion of American cooking with classic Italian cooking.

2.       Ravioli

Ravioli is a traditional Italian pasta dish which makes use of fresh pasta and is one of those dishes which require practice to perfect. It is a dumpling which is made by sealing a luxurious filling, which is usually an exotic cheese, between two sheets of freshly made pasta dough. Once the raviolis are cooked in boiling water they are tossed in a sauce or in a light broth. If you want to avoid the hassle of making this by your own then Order Pasta home delivery from your closest Italian restaurant.

3.       Lasagna

Lasagna makes a good and hearty meal which is not meant for the calorie conscious. This pasta dish is all about bold flavors and taste. The dish is prepared by layering lasagna pasta, which is one of the oldest pasta, alternating with a rich tomato sauce generally made along with minced meat which is also graced with shredded cheese which melts when the lasagna cooks. It is a one pot meal which is ideal for feeding crowd and has become one of most famous dish for family celebrations.

4.       Stuffed shells

Stuffed shells is prepared by stuffing a rich filling which is generally made with either ricotta cheese or mozzarella along with vegetables like spinach or broccoli or meat. Then the stuffed shells are baked in a gravy or sauce with more cheese on top and baked to perfection into a pan of bubbly goodness.

5.       Baked Ziti

This is another example of an Italian-American fusion dish. Ziti is an unique pasta which is pretty thick and tubular in shape and has a hole running through its centre traps all the delicious sauce it is cooked in. it is first cooked in a rich tomato sauce which can also have finely chopped vegetables and minced meat. Then it transferred into a baking when and layered with grated cheese on top before baking it. once it bakes, the ziti is covered in melted, golden cheese. It is a great potluck dish.  

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