Navaratri is a Hindu festival celebrated with great fervor in the Indian subcontinent. Theoretically, there are 4 seasonal Navaratri but the most popularly celebrated once are Vasanta Navaratri near spring Equinox (March-April) and the Sharad Navaratri near autumn equinox (September- October). Navratri is celebrated with zeal, pomp, and purity. Navratri falls in the Hindu lunisolar months in the bright half.

The celebrations vary from region to region and as per the faith of the individual. The festival is about the victory of good over evil and thus we all worship the Goddess Shakti and seek her blessings to win over the bad that is not only outside in the world but also the evil that within us. The nine days we worship Goddess for wisdom, knowledge, and strength.

We Indians love food and Navratri is all about food in spite of people fasting. People fast still the food options to eat during this phase will definitely leave you drooling. The yummy delicacies that one can enjoy yet enjoy the festivities or groove at the Garba or dandia nights are innumerable. Starting with the yummy cucumber raita, a delicacy fully loaded with the freshness of cucumber and energy of curd you can make more yummy food by following navratri special recipes .

Best combination to keep you cool and in good health during the festivals. One more delicacy is the pomegranate raita. The combination of super fruit pomegranate and nutritional curd will soothe your senses and help you to detox during fasting. This raita or dip is made with curd, pomegranate, and few spices. The spices like vrat ka salt, sugar, black pepper, chaat masala, cumin seeds and coriander leaves, leave a mild tingling taste on your taste buds and are a good side dish. Another sweet, refreshing, energizing drink for this fasting days is sweet lassi. Add few chopped dry fruits, saffron strands and a pinch cardamom powder will treat like buds with the aroma.

Although during the fasting periods hormones play an important role and we crave for sweets, and thus to treat your cravings malai lad is the best recipe. Small balls rolled in condensed milk, paneer, saffron, nuts and cardamom powder, simply melt in your mouth and make you feel full.

These were the side dishes for a full meal the best option is rajgiri ki roti, made from rajgiri flour and potatoes with mild spices are treat to trade for any dish of hotels. It goes well with raita, potato curry or simple coriander mint dip.

When fasting how can one not savor on the goodness of sago. A grain that keeps you full and energetic yet is simply easy to make. Either make some patties out of it or just a simple khichdi, this grain will never disappoint you with its taste.

For quick energy drink that you can have on go while you are in a hurry is the simple banana smoothie. If fasting foods are so interesting and easy to make, yet make a full balanced meal I would love to fast 365 days a week and treat myself with the yumminess of these wholesome treats with          

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