Elearning platform provides quick and cost effective learning

With entrepreneurs seeking ways and means to cut down on costs and increase productivity, they have found a magic wand in ‘Elearning’. It is considered to be a wonderful tool that can help organizations to save a good amount of money and provide quick learning within the office setting without the employees requiring to go out anywhere for training purpose.

Timely information

These days, the advent of sophisticated devices like smartphones and tablets has only further strengthened the growth of elearning techniques. It is now possible to avail useful work related information and learn the skills without any delay. It is noticed that work related delays not only cause productivity issues, but also make customers to get dissatisfied. The web based products and mobile application for education help instructors to have the materials and lessons updated on time across the whole network simultaneously. 

This actually helps the content to be kept consistent and fresh, thereby offering students the much needed access to current data as and when it gets uploaded. They do not have to wait anymore to reach the place of learning to update themselves and lose precious time in this process. It is possible to retrieve useful information even before it is needed, instead of visiting the classroom and to forget it subsequently. Technology based training according to reports is proven to offer better learning consistency by about 50% to 60% when compared to c-learning (traditional classroom learning).

Increasing the learning curve

Studies have found that few candidates taking learning sessions in the traditional classroom setting face uncomfortable situations and hence, the doubts that emerge in their minds pertaining to the lessons and skills to be acquired remains within them. This way, productivity does not get increased. But, with learning, it becomes possible for the employees to learn at their own office setting and can confidently and comfortably ask questions related to their domain. Studies have also revealed that average contention rate for the instructor led class is just about 58%. But the intensive informationof e learning is found to improve rate of retention by around 25% to 60%. Higher material retention places higher value on each and every dollar that is spent on the training program.

Enhanced interactivity and collaboration among students

During times when smaller groups of instructor led sessions can be an exception, more interaction and collaboration is possible with the peers and experts through electronic learning solutions. Higher rate of success can be achieved when compared to live alternative. Communication and teaching techniques can create the perfect online interactive environment which includes story-telling, case studies, demonstrations, simulations, role-playing, personalized mentoring and coaching, online references, streamed videos, email, chat rooms, project teams, discussion groups, tutorials, FAQs, bulletin boards, wizards and FAQs.

As a matter of fact, elearning can be all the more stimulating as well as encourage critical reasoning when compared to traditional instructor led large classroom sessions. Moreover, those availing the elearning course are found to get into depth of the subject matter that they are dealing with.

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