Vegetable Biryani –The Real Special Dish for Vegetarians

It is a real fact that almost all of the individuals and families pay a good amount to meet the expense of food every month. At present most of the families prefer to take food from outside at least once a week. They look for delicious dishes that make the difference from usual food. Biryani is something that is preferred by people of all ages. But most of the homemakers lack the interest to prepare the same in the home. For non-vegetarians there are several dishes in biryani to select from including fish, meat, and egg. But the options for vegetarians or vegans seem to be limited and veg biryani seems to the best option.

Benefits of vegetable

Everyone knows t how much importance vegetables have in the diet. Most of the dieticians suggest that it is really good to take around 300gms of vegetables every day to stay healthy, young, and beautiful. Yes, the vegetables are rich in proteins and minerals and good food can make you free from overweight and several health-related problems. Each of the vegetables has its own medicinal power as per Ayurveda and it is really good to take a perfect mix of vegetable to keep your health perfect for a long time. Vegetable biryani brings all of these benefits of vegetables for you. Now you can make use of veg biryani in tamil recipe to make this delicious dish in your kitchen.

Perfect mix of vegetables

This is the most amazing fact about vegetable biryani. They are made using perfect mix of selected vegetables. These vegetables are taken in exact and equal proportion and are mixed with ghee to bring the delicious taste. Important vegetables used in vegetable biryani includes cauliflower, French beans, carrot, green peas etc. All of these vegetables serve nutrients with the rice to bring out mouth-watering taste for the vegetarians. Most of the hotels serve vegetable dum biryani that is loaded with the real taste of masala and natural spices.

Benefit of natural spices

Natural spices including ginger, garlic, coriander, mint leaves have several medicinal qualities and it never makes any harm to stomach or health just as fast foods. They boost up natural immunity and metabolism to assure good health. But the case can be different when you take biryani on regular basis from hotels or restaurants. If it is prepared in your home, there is nothing to worry about health issues.

Try it your home

It is so easy to prepare the same in your home if you have the interest. Almost all of the ingredients will be there on your kitchen rack and in the fridge. Check the recipe and get the ingredients as per the list to set them ready. The process of making veg biriyani with Tamil recipe is so simple. Follow the steps and set a good dish on the table for your beloveds for a special Sunday. Make onion salad and keep some pickle of your taste to take veg biryani with watering tongues.

Now it is your time to set the special dish for the day. Amaze vegetarians and vegans with a delicious biryani. Garnish it with almonds, raisins, fried cashews and some fried onions before you serve it to double the taste and to set a good feast for the eyes. 

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