Stage of Knee Osteoarthritis

Stage of Knee Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common chronic diseases which affects the join area of a person. Normally a joint has two bones fixed together, these ends of bones are covered with the protective tissue called cartilage, in an osteoporosis patient this cartilage gets break down and causes the bones within the joints to rub together, which causes in pain, stiffness.


Osteoarthritis is caused by damaging in joints. This joint damage can accumulate over the time, this is why age is a very common cause of this joint damage leading in osteoarthritis in a person. As older you are the more wear and tear will take place in the joints of a person.

Torn cartilage, dislocated joints, ligament injuries are some of the other reasons of the osteoarthritis in a person.

Joint malformation, obesity, poor posture also can cause in osteoarthritis.

If the cartilage in the joints is not fine it can also lead in osteoarthritis, cartilage is basically a tough, rubbery and flexible substance than bone, it functions in protecting the ends of the bones within the joint and allow them to move easily against each other.

When in case, cartilage gets breaks down, surfaces of bones become pitted and rough, which leads in pain within the joints and irritation in surrounding tissues and cells. The damaged cartilages cannot repair itself, this why cartilage does not contain any blood vessels.

When cartilage get completely away, the cushioning buffer provided by the cartilage gets disappears, allowing for bone- on- bone contact. Which causes in intense pain and other symptoms related with the osteoarthritis.


This osteoarthritis can occur in any one the joints in the body. Some of the common affected areas of the body in osteoarthritis includes, hands, knees, fingertips, hips, spine (typically the neck or lower back area).

Some of the common symptoms include-

PAIN- Your joint can cause pain during or after movement

TENDERNESS- The joints can feel tender even when you apply light pressure to it.

STIFFNESS- Stiffness in joints can be one of the most noticeable when a person wakes up in the morning or after a period of inactivity.

LOSS OF FLEXIBILITY- a person who is suffering from the osteoarthritis may not be able to move the joints through its full range of motion.

FORMATION OF BONE SPURS- bone spurs is a result of osteoarthritis, an extra bit of bone can be seen in the joints, forming around the affected joint.


Bioganix Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract - Osteoarthritis treatment is based on the symptom management. The type of treatment is basically determined by the symptoms and location of this disease.

There are various medications, home remedies which help in treating this disease effectively.

Exercises- Exercise helps in treating the osteoarthritis effectively, physical exercises strengthen the muscles around the joints and help to relive in stiffness problems.

Doing of exercise around 20- 30 minutes daily can help you to reduce the pain and inflammation in your joints.

One should do walking or swimming or even yoga is beneficial to improve the flexibility in the joints and can help in pain management.


Maxfit Garcinia Cambogia Reviews - If a person is over-weight, this can cause in adding the strain in the joints and can cause pain in the knees and legs in a person.

By reducing the extra body weight can help in relieve the pressure and can reduce the pain in the knees and joints.

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