Long Distance Gifts for Your Loved One

Long Distance Gifts for Your Loved One

Valentine's day is a very special occasion if you are in a love. The beginning stage of a relationship is very special and is often called as the 'honeymoon' phase where couples cannot get enough of each other in terms of time, affection, and adventure. Even after a few years of knowing each other or if you are happily married for many years, Valentine's day brings in memories of the initial stages of your love that will make it even more special.

But not everyone is lucky enough to celebrate valentine's day with their loved one in person. There are many couples around the world who don't get the opportunity to be with each other in person all the time.  They are in a long distance with each other due to various reasons such as work, studies, family commitments, etc. But this shouldn't stop them from celebrating valentine's day as love knows no boundaries. You can make this day special for your loved one in many ways. You could surprise them by booking flight tickets to the place they are staying, you could send them gifts to Pakistan, if they are living there or to any other place if you cannot go visit them. Here are a few valentine's day long distance gifts that you could send to your loved ones.


In the age of modern technology internet allows you to see your loved one via video calls, text them 24x7 from Whatsapp and other applications, you could go the traditional way and surprise them by sending them a long letter in your handwriting talking about all your favorite moments, how much you miss them and how you cannot wait to see them again.  You could even spray your favorite scent that they would recognize to give it a more personalized touch. It is old school, but it always works like magic.


Photos of both of you together, framed or laminated will really hit a chord as the perfect Valentine's day gift. You could even make a collage and write personalized notes for each photograph. You could make a photo story by arranging stories in a timeline from your start date to the time you had to get separated. You could also collect childhood photos of each other and stick it together and make a cute photo album. 


This may seem simple, but takes a lot of effort from your side. You could make arrangements by contacting a famous bakery in their city to deliver a cake that has both your faces in it as a design. You can customize it according to their favorite flavor, shape and size and deliver it at midnight on Valentine's day while you are on a video call, it would surely get your partner by surprise and you could definitely catch them teary eyed with this gesture.

These are among the many ideas that you could incorporate to send gifts to Pakistan, America or any other country your loved one lives, away from you. So start working and catch them surprised with your kind gestures for Valentine's day.

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