Dishes From The Marathi Cuisine Everybody Loves!

Mumbai is often seen as a city with mixed cultures. The one thing that is the most amazing part has to be cuisine they offer. The Marathi cuisine is way different than the others. They too have a few signature dishes which are loved by all.

Today, I am going to talk about a few of my favourite Marathi dishes. I am sure you must have tasted them too and like them just as much as I do. Now these dishes probably happen to be some of the best snack options too. So, if you are interested in trying something new for tea and snacks then add these to your list too.

1.       Pavbhaji- Now i am sure you all have heard about this particular dish and have also eaten it several times. This is one such dish which has crossed the borders of Maharashtra and made its place straight into our hearts. The internet is loaded up with pavbhaji recipe in Marathi. But don’t worry, because there are recipes in English and Hindi too. So, you can easily take out this recipe from the internet and try it out at your home. It is very easy to make and I have tried it out too. Now it’s your turn!

2.       Missal pav- This dish is more like a snack and also a wholesome meal. Potatoes are cooked with a number of spices and then served with a topping of cut onions, coriander and sev. On its side, you have bread to have it with. The taste of this is outstanding and you can have a nice sumptuous meal out of it. You can find out the recipe of missal pav on the internet too and try it out at your home.

3.       Aamti- Now each and every cuisine in our country has dal specialities available. Be it Punjabi cuisine, Bengali cuisine or the south Indian one. Aamti is a dal preparation that is very popular in Maharashtra. This is something that is made in each and every house. Yellow lentils or tuar dal is primarily used to make this dish and is cooked with spices and curry leaves. If you are bored of your regular style dal at your home then I guess it’s time to try out something new. Take out the recipe and try out this traditional Marathi dal and surprise your folks.

4.       Vadapav-You might have noticed that a lot of these Marathi dishes use bread as its side. This is again one such preparation that required bread. You probably must have had pavbhaji in your own city too. But the origin of this particular dish happened in Maharashtra. This is served with a nice green chilli and it is a very spicy yet tasty affair. I am sure all those people who love having spicy food will love the Marathi cuisine a lot.

So, these were some of the most common and most loved Marathi dishes. Which one are you going to try next?

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