Challenges Being Posed by a Neurosurgeon

Challenges Being Posed by a Neurosurgeon

What is neurosurgery? It is a specialized area of neurology where diagnosis and treatment of the disorders or injuries affecting the nervous system, brain or the spinal cord. A salary package is part of this profession, but it does go on to pose numerous challenges at the same time. Let us now go through them in details.

High stress

According to various medical journals, in the domain of medicine, neurosurgeons are more prone to stress than other physicians. It has to be stated that all surgeons do have some level of stress. But in the case of neurosurgeons it is all the more as they work with delicate areas of the body like brain, nervous system and the spine.  For this reason they do face high levels of stress as a slight mistake on their part could prove to be fatal and result in permanent disability. The situation is worse for neurosurgeons who work in emergency departments as they need to perform their duties at the shortest possible notice.

Limited levels of expertise

One of the major benefits of undertaking specialization in a particular area of medicine is that your expertise in that domain does grow over a period of time. A different type of challenge awaits a neurosurgeon as they need to learn and grow in the job on the same routine procedures. Though rare conditions could exist on the neurological front, but most of the common surgeries performed are treatment of spinal or brain conditions. A spinal fusion is a common condition that is commonly treated. On the other hand general surgeons are required to perform numerous surgeries on other areas of the body.


Modern technology has evolved considerably in the modern times. This is considered to be a good omen for the medical community along with the patients in general. It does come with its own set of challenges as neurosurgeons are required to perform most of the jobs with the help of their hands. Virtual surgery along with computer navigation is some of the tools that are being used by the neurosurgeons from time to time. The key is to make incisions and then surgery being performed with virtual tools could be a time consuming and frustrating affair for the experienced neurosurgeons in this domain.

In terms of expertise the experienced neurosurgeons work for close to 60 hours in a week which is followed by a hefty pay packed. It is always suggested that you do opt for the best nuero treatment hospitals in India. The main reason for it is that you can avail the services of surgeons and the treatment is expected to be of the highest draw.

To find out more about the best neuro hospitals in India, it would be better to avail the services of a medical tourism company. A lot of companies have emerged in recent times and their main objective is to take care of the patients in the best possible way. This tends to benefit the international patients on a large scale.

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