Things to Remember Before Taking Office Space for Rent

Things to Remember Before Taking Office Space for Rent

Your business has been developed and this is the high time you take or expand your office space for thebetterment of your trade. Unless you get into the field, you won’t know how difficult it is to get an office space for rent in Mumbai or any big city. Any small mistake can cost you much.
For example, if you choose a wrong location for your office, your business can face serious trouble.

If you take the space for lease, the usual period is around three to five years. While taking office space for rent, you need to remember certain things so that the new office only benefits your business and nothing else. Read on to know more-

What Type of Office You Are Opening

This is the most important thing you should decide before taking the space on lease. What kind of office do you want? Is it a co-working space or exclusive to executives? Are you planning for a virtual office? Whatever your need is, you can get lots of options. If you want a virtual space, the technological facilities are more important than real space and locality, while executives’ office puts emphasis on space and locality than any other factors.

Consider the Location

While looking for a plug and play office space in Mumbai or elsewhere, you should consider the locality of it. The locality of your office can make people assume many things about it. If it is in a posh area, that will tell that the office is economically sound and there is thescope of opportunity. While checking out the location, you should consider two things-
  • Can your clients reach easily to the location?
  • Can your employees access the location easily?
Once you get apositive answerto these questions, you can choose the location. You should also think about the security of the place and other facilities, like coffee shops, food courts, etc. near the location.

Cost of the Place

Not only the monthly rent, but you should think about the total cost of the office you are renting. You should include construction cost, electricity, restoration cost, food and beverages, parking, etc. along with the rent. Are you ready to handle this? Remember, if you go for a cheap rate, neither you nor your employees and clients can be happy with your workspace. Again, taking something too expensive means you have to struggle a lot to pay the monthly rent. Maintain a balance and search extensively.

Check out the Size of the Space

You know your goal and also know how to execute it. Usually, there is 70 square foot area is enough for each person in an office. Still, if you want to accommodate your employees with bigger space, large desks and all, you can have more space.
These are certain things you need to consider while renting office space. You should always keep in mind that your decision must go in favor of your company’s growth. There should always be the space for further growth.

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