Risks Posed With a Vacuum Assisted Delivery

Are you aware of the risks associated with a vacuum delivery baby? The doctor goes on to rely on the help of a vacuum device whereby the baby is being guided out from the birth canal. A soft cup is being attached to the head of a baby with the aid of suction. 

Like any other form of surgical procedure, the risks associated with vacuum assisted delivery are on the higher side. But having said that, complications can also arise to the mother or baby in case of normal deliveries as well. When this form of delivery is performed properly it does possess fewer risks than a C section delivery. It would mean that the mother along with the baby is less likely to have complications.

This method has been used a lot in recent times and the risks associated with it are well documented. It could be range from minor injuries to grave ones as well. Skill fracture or bleeding in the skull is common.

Scalp wounds on a superficial level

This type of wound is common when it is the case of vacuum assisted delivery. When it is the case of a normal delivery it is common to come across a swelling in a small region of the scalp. During the course of delivery, the birth canal or cervix goes on to put considerable amount of pressure on the head of the baby that moves across the birth canal first. 

This swelling is going to provide you a cone shaped position to the head of a baby. It can be located on one side of the head of the baby if it is tilted towards the side. This swelling is going to disappear a couple of days after delivery.

Vacuum extractor, incorporated with a metal cup goes on to produce a cone shape on the head of your baby. It is referred to as chigaon and is important for the success of this surgery. This swelling is going to disappear a couple of days after delivery. 

With this type of delivery small bruises or cuts on the scalp work out to be common. This is a form of injury that is likely to occur during the difficult phase, whereby multiple attachments to the suction cup are being provided. Most often than not the wounds are known to heel quickly without leaving behind any marks.

Subgaleal  Hematoma

This has to be more of a serious form of bleeding and it tends to take place when blood is known to accumulate under the scalp. Once the subgaleal space is on the larger side, a major chunk of blood is being lost in that region. For this reason it is considered to be one of the most serious forms of complication when it comes to vacuum assisted delivery.

The suction is not that strong so that the baby’s head cannot move through the birth canal, it does cause a lot of damage in the underlying veins. The use of this suction cup does decrease the chance of injuries.

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