Importance of 2D animation in elearning

Although 3D animation has been enjoying immense popularity, it is 2D form of animation that is sought by organizations for their elearning training programs development. The reason is because, 2D animation still plays a crucial role in the animation world and its significance cannot be neglected or avoided.

Some benefits offered by 2D animation

The top 2d animation company in India is sure to help its clients to derive maximum benefits by providing top quality result oriented programs to match the client requirements and specifications. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Efficiency: One major benefit that this animation form does offer is greater efficiency. Animation has never been a simple process. Being an art form, this does require lots of creativity and skills to produce characters, objects and worlds to appeal the mass and to convey accurately messages and stories. Besides this, there are numerous styles and techniques that have merged to offer range of tools to be used by the talented animator. 2D does require skills and creative sense just like 3D animation. Rather, it is much faster to create, since third dimension is not required. Lifelike images are not required to be created. For example, the cityscapes are not needed to comprise of detailed buildings to make them appear real like. It is this faster design which is found beneficial to save on time and cost.
  • Simplicity: The other benefit is that its design is less complex when compared to 3D form. Simplicity of the design however, depends on the project. Action films, for example, benefits generally from 3D animation, due to its complex images and detailed action used for drawing viewers. Again, if the message is to be highlighted through the design, then 2D animation services are preferable. Clean design will be more effective for advertising, as it clearly conveys message of the advertiser to the viewer. If custom elearning content development is to have interactive games for easier understanding of the topic, then simpler designs using 2D will be sufficient to appeal the audiences. Even few explainer videos and educational applications need a design which will not distract viewers from conveyed message.
  • Cost effectiveness: 2D animation known for its simplicity and efficiency is also cost effective to develop. It is indeed a boon for organizations eager to develop elearning contents having animation in them for easier understanding by their students. This way, they will be able to save a good amount of money with 2D animation development. This is because, 3D animation is very expensive. Being less complex and taking less time to develop also means that it can be developed using fewer resources, thereby culminating into lesser price tag and more savings. Many projects are found to make use of 2D and not 3D as it is found to be cost effective by those small and tight budget companies.

The leading 2D animation company is sure to provide customized animation solutions to be incorporated into the learning program to make it all the more effective, efficient and provide clarity to the readers.

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