Get the Best Broker if You Want to Make Profit

Get the Best Broker if You Want to Make Profit

Those who love trading activities and earn profit finds the share trading much excited. If one has knowledge and insight of corporate movements can surely know how and which shares will have positive trend and which will go for negative one. In such scenario, a trader can earn from both sides whether the market is going up or falling. He can either first buy the shares and then sell or can first sell them and later once the prices are down can buy them. The main principle here is the purchase price must be lower than that of the sales price.

The trading:

One who is interested in share trading needs to have a trading account opened with any of the broking company or its sub-brokers. To get the best deal on account opening one needs to check the top share broker and contact them to know the information of account opening. For trading in the market, one needs to pay brokerage, and there is no fixed standard of brokerage in the market. Hence it can be an advanced brokerage or order based brokerage. As there is no fixed rate, one can bargain with the service provider about this rate and ask to offer some discounts. However, for a broker or service provider, it is an income and hence does not allow to reduce the brokerage unless he can visualise some more benefits from the deal. Here are some cases where the brokers offer low brokerage rate.
Some points for consideration of the broker:

The services: The broker must be able to offer prompt services in terms of account opening, trading, research and even billing. The trading in the offline account depends on the brokerage, and hence he must have sufficient infrastructure that can carry the trade fast. If the phone of the operator comes engaged while one needs to square off the position, one can be in deep trouble and hence it is better to check these services at the beginning of the relationship only.

The brokerage: The brokerage is known as the prime expenditure for any trader, and hence it is always better to get a discount for the same. However, for a broker also it is the main source of revenue, and hence usually he does not allow any discount unless he feels that the account size can be of much help to him as far as revenue generation is concerned. Hence if the client is in bulk deal, he can offer some discount on brokerage also.

The account opening and other charges: At the time of account opening only, one must know the billing frequency, rules to settle the account, and days to get the cheque from the account. One must also know if he can make the payment online and receive the payment directly to his bank account. One must also know the charges to maintain the demat account as well.

These are some of the important factors one must check before starting the relationship only. 

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