Designing A Luxury Designer Temple? This Should Help!

When we talk about interior decorating, there is a lot that the common people do not know. The tiniest of detailing that is kept in mind may not even strike your mind. This is why people prefer talking to experts and hiring professionals for designing their homes. This way one remains completely stress free and also you are rest assured that you are going to get something pretty amazing by the end.
But yet, many people like designing their own homes. Or just get a room or two designed by the professionals and take up the remaining work on themselves. So if it were up to you, which room would you be designing in specific?
Let me tell you about that incident where I had taken upon me to design a luxury temple. Now my family did suggest me for some really good temple design companies but it just wanted to do it on my own. By the way have you ever designed a temple by yourself? If yes, then I am sure you would totally relate to what you are going to read ahead. And if you have never designed but do wish to sometime in future, then this article should interest you too.
Here are the important things to keep in mind while decorating a luxury temple:
·         The wall colour- now you may want to go for a slightly dull shade of yellow or something in beige. I wanted to do something different and I ended up with a bright green shade which I had to eventually remove because it was very much hated by my other family members. A tip for those who are planning to design: please check all the soothing colours and the colours that attract positive vibes and use that on the walls only. Don’t try anything loud or funky.
·         The pedestal- pedestal is the stage or a slightly lifted platform where you will be placing the statue. Now since you are going for a luxury temple remember that you could go a notch higher and make everything look grander. Go for a pedestal with intricate designing or lighting.
·         The lights of course- the lights are the most important part when it comes to designing your own temple. But yes make sure you don’t make the temple room look too commercial. Keep the look of the room more pious. So, that the moment one enters the room; one could feel the positivity. Also, do not forget to match the lights with the colour and the theme of the temple room.

So, these were a few things which I kept in mind while decorating the first and only room in my home. Although I loved doing it, but I think the next time I am going to be hiring professionals. But if you are still motivated to do the work all by yourself then I truly hope these pointers help you out. Otherwise you could any day use the help of professionals for luxury designer temples.  

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