5 Tips to Organise your Kids’ Room

It might seem like an unachievable dream to have a clean, organized room for your kids.  However, with these tips and tricks you can totally bust the myth that people cannot have a clutter free kid’s room.
1.       Shop less
It is very common for kids to throw tantrums every time they visit a mall or toy store and you end up buying a million toys that they won’t even play with. So, every time they throw a tantrum make them understand calmly instead of giving in. Ask them to wait for their birthday, Christmas or New Year for gifts and presents.  

2.       Sort it out!
The first step to have a clutter free room is to first recognize and remove the unnecessary trash that needs to be thrown out. Clothes that do not fit, toys they seldom play with, books they have already read or reread, should be put into boxes and donated. Other than that, pick out the broken toys, used stationery, etc. into the bin.
3.       Storage
Once you have sorted out all the essential items that you don’t need to throw away, it is time to organize them. It can be a task to find enough storage space kid’s room which generally small and often shared. So always invest in spacious cupboards and furniture like bunk beds with storage built into them. They will not only give you storage space to hide away everything but also save up a lot of room space. Other than that you can use large, lidded, plastic containers that they can reach easily to store toys and stationery. So they can put them back in place themselves. Use smaller, clear containers to store crayons, pens, and craft supplies so they can recognize it easily.
4.       Engage your kids
Make it a point to include your kids into the whole process instead of getting mad at them when they don’t clear the clutter. Guide them through to organize their own room and make the process as playful as possible. Make it easier for them to put things away into their designated places. It helps if you keep the most frequently used items at the lower shelves of the cupboard and storage units to make it easier for them to reach out and keep the things back after use.
5.       Keep unnecessary items at bay
When it comes to kid’s room keep the décor as simple and minimal as possible. It helps them to move around freely without colliding into things or getting hit by sharp corners and edges. Avoid keeping show pieces and flower vases that are made of porcelain or glass.

You can shop everything you need for the kid’s room from online stores starting from plastic storage containers to furniture like bunk beds with storage for children, cupboards and many more. They are priced reasonably although the products are of superb quality. These online stores also deliver to your doorstep and not only that they will assemble your furniture which could be a task if you try to do it by yourself. A great tip is to shop for all these items during the holiday season or the end season sales when they offer heavy discounts and you can save some big bucks.

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